Sharp-Dressed Can

I don’t care if you wrap an overcoat around him and stick a pipe in his clamp, R2-D2 still looks like a (darling) steampunked trash can:

R2-D2 - sharp dressed trash can

But at least he’s a sharp-dressed trash can. Which is more than I can say for Data when the producers of Star Trek: The Next Generation tried to make him cooler by having him play keyboards in a heavy metal band:

Data freaks OUT

“He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.” —Raymond Hull

In other words, be yourself, young droid. Be yourself.

4 thoughts on “Sharp-Dressed Can

  1. just some dude ·

    lol he does look liek hes playing the keyboard.

  2. jesse ·

    It would look even better if Data was wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask and cape.

  3. jesse ·

    Editor-in-Chief of Playbot magazine right there, mm-hm.

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