If my childhood plans panned out…

If my childhood plans panned out...

(Via Pleated Jeans.)

My childhood ambitions aren’t that far off:

Profession: Teenage mutant ninja turtle, all the way. (Donnie, to be exact—which makes the panel above so much more accurate.)

Wife: April O’Neil…or her skintight jumpsuit.

Car: A regular dinosaur would’ve been cool, but I always wanted to ride a Dinobot to school. Or Falcor. (Shut up; I was eight.)

Chunk rides Falcor

Home: I always wanted to live aboard the Enterprise-D, but Castle Grayskull would’ve been a very, very close second.

Best Friend: Hobbes the Tiger.

Backyard would have: …the most bad-ass R/C racing circuit you’ve ever seen.

All dinners would include: …a giant punchbowl filled with Combos snacks.

Kids would be named: Anthony and Johnny (read John Bellairs to get the reference).

If your childhood plans had panned out, what would they be?

2 thoughts on “If my childhood plans panned out…

  1. Sal Perales ·

    I would be a hard working Jedi who married Slave Leia… Doesn’t sound that bad.

  2. jesse ·

    Could be worse. You could be a hard working Leia who married a Hutt.

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