Read an Ebook Week

Smashwords’ annual Read an Ebook Week promo dealie kicked off yesterday, which means there are a slew of free and / or severely-discounted e-books at your fingertips, now through March 10:

As it’s an Olympic year, I thought it would be fitting to offer up my novel Heroes’ Day for the price of a kiss—which is more than you’ll get from that Natalie girl down the street. She charges fifty p. Regardless, here’s your chance to read what I was writing before I switched to soulless humor (social science fiction, in this case).

The obligatory blurb:

In the late 21st century, war has become unfashionable. In its place: the Global Ranking System, a means by which the world’s Patriot nations can compete for resources on Heroes’ Day. Monica’s dream is to become a Hero—but no opportunity comes without a price, and she soon finds that in the world of the Patriot elite the slightest misstep can send ripples across the globe.

If this tickles your fancy, grab a copy of Heroes’ Day at Smashwords, and be sure to use coupon code “RE100” during checkout to get it absolutely FREE.