Too Much Computer

Too Much Computer

(Via Loading Artist.)

Gregor has summarized the intricacies of geekdom in a seven-panel webcomic. As a reader, I’m delighted. As a geek…I’m painfully aware that my complexion is about as white as the stick-figures above.

2 thoughts on “Too Much Computer

  1. jowistinks ·

    Looks like they need to play a little Wii U! That way they can waste away their minds with technology TOGETHER! :D

  2. jesse ·

    Which is why the Wii will always be, to me, the superior gaming console with which to burn through one’s hours, days, months, and years: you can do it together. Like, in the same room. With the PS3 you’re more likely to do it alone in your parents’ basement with a headset and a decent Internet connection. :p

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