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The Artist Formerly Known as eBay

The new eBay logo - aka, isn't that the Mobil font?

Bland is the new bold, as is evidenced by eBay’s freshly updated logo.

“We wanted something that would be easy on the eyes,” says Adlai Atkins, eBay’s faux-marketing director, “something noticeable, but not outright memorable. The last thing eBay wants is to become that annoying tune you can’t get out of your head.”

As comically understated as it may seem, however, the new logo is actually pretty slick compared to some of the preliminary concepts that, according to rumor, almost made the cut:

1. “Can’t Breathe”

2. “Neu Retro”

3. “Comically Sans”

4. “(Sh)eBay”

5. “The Artist Formerly Known as eBay”

Look for the new logo to start appearing on eBay’s site in mid-October.