The Appening

New SuperMegaNet posted over on the mossy side of the Web. Obligatory excerpt:

Jan’s the quiet, disinterested type, the guy who stands nondescript at the edge of a crowd gathered around a seizing shopping mall Santa. He’s not shy or introverted or an asshole or anything (he’ll wait to take pictures with his cell phone until after he’s called 911). He just doesn’t overreact like everyone else. That’s why it bothers me to hear him talking like he’s talking. It’s not what he’s said, it’s how he’s said it. He’s concerned, maybe even worried. “I’m kind of in bad trouble.” That could mean, “I lost my legs in a bet.” Or, “I’ve killed someone.” Or even, “I got lost in the Boca Linda stacks and read from this really old book and I think I’ve accidentally opened the gates of hell.”

The premise: Learning that Jan’s been left to wander the streets after his apartment was unexpectedly towed, Theo reluctantly agrees to install the SuperMegaNet app on his cell phone. Read the full episode here.