No Copies Allowed

Looks like another SuperMegaNet episode is out. In Otto’s own words, “You think you get them all, but you forget about the eggs.” And so forth.

Obligatory excerpt:

Okay, so, if a plush manifestation of your spunk gets hit by a car, do you feel the impact?

Regardless of the answer, I brace myself, squeezing my eyes shut, gritting my teeth, and going rigid from head to toe. Just so I’ll be ready when it hits me. Which, it turns out, it doesn’t. There’s no physical pain or discomfort, only the social awkwardness of having just performed an impromptu constipation impression—for no reason—in front of Beta…and the fact that my butt crack has inadvertently swallowed the seat of my pants.

Which is what happens when you flex too hard.

The premise: Jan at last downloads into Theo’s bedroom—only to find that he’s not welcome. Sort of. Read the full episode here.