The Pixel Monster

From the Stranger Things Have Happened department, a new episode of that ridiculous webserial you’ve never heard of has been posted by way of electrified hypertext.

Obligatory excerpt:

I glance at my phone. My SuperMegaNet buddy list is empty. In its place: the word “disconnected,” accompanied by a suicidal-looking emoticon wearing the saddest frown you ever saw. Pushing the app into the background, I try calling Jan, try texting him via good ol’ fashioned SMS—because I want to know if he’s all right, and because I can’t pick him up if I don’t know where he is.

I look at Beta. “Isn’t there something you can do?”

“I could do a search for ‘GPS hacking’ on YouTube,” he suggests.

I frown. “Not helpful.”

The premise: Theo grudgingly teams up with Mini to find Jan…who may or may not still be in one piece on the other end of a botched download. Read the full episode here.