In Ernie’s Time of Dying

I’m still lagging this month, but have nevertheless managed to squeeze out a new SuperMegaNet episode despite tax season, the time change, and the heady pleasures of book formatting.

Obligatory excerpt:

Putting Mini in my pocket, I ascend the final ladder and climb onto the topmost platform, where Ernie lies wrecked.

(Before we go any further, I should point out that Ernie is by no means a polite or gentle snorer. He’s one of those people who sleeps with his head thrown back and his mouth wide open, the most horrendous gurgling, choking, and wheezing noises emanating from somewhere deep down inside his throat. There are literally Z’s rising above his head. How his body is getting enough oxygen is beyond me.)

I crawl over to where he is. His sleeping bag is bundled tight—like a cocoon—and his neatly-parted hair glistens with some kind of viscous pomade. His shirt collar is buttoned tight around his neck. “Ernie?” I whisper, poking him.

The premise: Theo struggles to come to terms with Mrs. Womack’s “death,” as well as the whole perceptive flux thing in general. Meanwhile, Mini suggests a radical, sexy miracle cure for Ernie’s mystery illness. Read the full episode here.