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Because even Bigfoot shows up if you wait long enough…

Bill Watterson sighting in Pearls Before Swine

(Via Stephan Pastis.)

Recognize the artwork in that Pearls Before Swine second panel? Someone special drew that. Someone without whom countless childhoods spent reading the Sunday paper would have been all for naught. Here’s a hint:

The idea I proposed was that instead of having me get hit on the head, I would pretend that Pearls was being drawn by a precocious second grader who thought my art was crap. I named her “Libby,” which I then shorted to “Lib.” (Hint, hint: It’s almost “Bill” backwards.)

Follow the link, read Stephan’s story…and bask in the awesomeness that is the return of Mr. Bigfoot himself to the daily comics. Sort of.


Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits

(Via Brain Pickings.)

Maria Popova, Wendy MacNaughton, and the creative team at Accurat have designed a nifty visualization of writer wakeup times as related to their overall productivity—for no other reason than to express an endless fascination with authors and the way they write.

The most important point, perhaps, is a meta one: A reminder that no specific routine guarantees success, and the only thing that matters is having a routine and the persistence implicit to one.

In other words, the more you write, the more likely you are to continue writing, and the higher the possibility that you will one day be paid for it.

I thought there’d be pizza…

I thought there'd be pizza...

(Via Dude Perfect.)

I tend to think a lot about life, the universe and everything, and how it all might’ve worked out differently. Not that I’m complaining in the least, but, well…I thought I’d be taller. I thought I’d have mastered the six-pack by now, or, at the very least, enough of the arm, shoulder, and pec areas so as to direct attention away from my abdomen altogether. I thought for sure the 1990’s was enough time for George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to come up with a fourth Indiana Jones film—instead of a twenty-years-later sequel involving UFOs and computer-generated monkeys. I thought that hard work always paid off rather than hard workers getting laid off. I thought we’d have flying cars by the year 2015, thank you very much, Back to the Future. I thought Enterprise would make it past season 4. I thought Windows 8 would be better than Windows 7. I thought the Affordable Healthcare Act meant healthcare would be affordable. I thought muffins were just cupcakes without frosting. I dunno…

…I thought there’d be a lot more, you know, pizza. ;)

Retro Flask

NES game cartridge flask.

(Via Ink Whiskey.)

For the drunken inner child in us all: A company called Ink Whiskey has filled a much-needed niche by creating a line of novelty NES game cartridges that are in fact flasks. There was even a successful Kickstarter at one point.

Proof that anything can and should be turned into a flask.