Cake Snot

“My parents are outside.”

“Good—we got back just in time.”

“How’s that good?”

“It’s when they go back inside to check on you, that’s when you have to worry. Out here, they’re distracted by meaningless adult smalltalk. They’re not paying attention to anything but their own silent prayers that Nakayoshi will finally get into his car and drive home for the night. We can sneak in the back way.”

“There is no back way,” I say. “We have a side way.” I point to the side gate that leads into my parents’ backyard.

“Then we hop the fence. Piece of cake.”

“Yeah—a three-hundred-pound piece of cake.” I gesture at Ernie, who gives me the finger—and then proceeds to sneeze frosting. Or maybe it’s just snot. It’s hard to tell in the low light.

Either way: total grossness.

SuperMegaNet, unborn episode