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Throw On

New SuperMegaNet episode after the jump to hyperspace:

“What are they talking to your grandpa about?” Jan whispers, his eight-bit physique trembling under Ernie’s weight.

“He’s not my grandpa,” I reply, wondering if Jan didn’t just see Nakayoshi’s groping, or if Czech grandpas pat their daughters on the butt during social occasions as handily as French people kiss each other on the mouth when saying hello or goodbye. More importantly: why does Dad put up with this? I mean, the obvious answer is that he puts up with it to keep his job, to keep the peace—to suck up to the man who can make him or break him. Or maybe he’s cool with it. Oh, God—maybe Mom’s cool with it. Maybe she’s not as innocent and naive as I’d once thought, but actually likes the way Nakayoshi flirts with her.

The premise: Home at last, Theo and Jan must figure out how to smuggle Ernie’s comatose mass past a drunken, flirty Mr. Nakayoshi. Read the full episode here.