The dusty corpse that is SuperMegaNet has been dragged out of its coffin and dressed up for yet another episode. The sooner we get through this, the sooner it’ll be over:

“It’s not the money.” I think for a second. “Well, it is the money, I guess. Mom and I make more than enough to cover all our expenses. Dad’s income is what goes into the savings account, or pays for any miscellaneous stuff. He’ll never admit it, but staying with Mr. Nakayoshi is his way of keeping his pride. He makes less than us, he took my mom’s surname when they married, he does all the cooking—not that I’m saying any of that is uncool or anything. I just think my dad’s having a hard time with it. Like, he wants to be this modern-day, trendy dad who lets his business-minded wife head the household with him as support, but his old-school upbringing won’t let him live it down. His job is what makes him a father and a husband, and not just some dude living in my mom’s house.”

“That’s deep,” Jan says—the universal response to something heartfelt and meaningful that you’ve only partially understood.

The premise: Struggling to come to terms with the growing tensions between his parents, Theo ends up flipping out. Literally. Read the full episode here.