Uncle Solo

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A pale, middle-aged woman clearly afflicted with some sort of walking dead sickness uploads into the room, shuffles into a chair. Like Beta, she placates Doctor Pain’s infamous terms of service dialog box without reading it first, and I have to wonder if anyone who uploads here reads anything.

“What do you think her problem is?” I whisper to Beta—id est, is she contagious?

“You don’t have to worry about catching anything here.” Beta waves his hand at the red McAffe shield hanging on the wall. “They’ve got anti-virus installed.”

“Yes, but McAffe?”

“What would you prefer?”

“Avira. Or a hardened Linux box.”

Beta snorts. “I doubt she’s sick enough to warrant hard Linux. Besides, the day I go to a Linux-based clinic is the day I forgive the GNOME team for the orgy of inconsistency that is GNOME Shell.”

The premise: To pass the time in an online waiting room, Theo uses “moniker” in a sentence while Beta applies the Kobayashi Maru scenario to real life. Read the full episode here.