Theo Downloads Pr0n

As if the world doesn’t have enough problems, a new SuperMegaNet episode has sneaked past the police tape and made its way online:

This is Ernie’s dying wish?” Theo exclaims. “For me to download porn for him?”

“To you and me, it’s just porn, but to Ernie, well, somewhere along the Goodale/Womack evolutionary line the libido got crossed with the digestive system. Ernie’s incessant eating is the result of generations of unnatural selection. He eats food to feed his libido, and consumes porn to feed his body.”

Theo pays Ernie another glance. “That actually makes more sense than it should.”

The premise: As Ernie’s health continues to deteriorate, Mini proposes a radical new medical procedure that may very well save his life. Read the full episode here.