The Oatmeal Man (Film)

The Oatmeal Man - a buddy flick...gone wrong.

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Happy End: once the home of the Friendly Oatmeal Factory, now a long-forgotten ghost town in the middle of nowhere—and an unintended stopover for six best friends who are about to discover the true meaning of terror.

There comes a time in every inner child’s life when he has to choose: follow through with all those awesome, wooden sword and paper pirate’s hat promises made during the heady days of youth—or discard them forever and finally get a girlfriend. Well, my inner child, for better or for worse, has kept at least one wooden sword and paper pirate’s hat promise: make a shitty horror movie with my friends.

Written by yours truly and directed by Sean Gordon for Pulsar Pictures (whatever that is), The Oatmeal Man has seen an October 2014 release date, is now a thing—which is quite a pleasant surprise considering the whole idea was originally thought up as a joke. “We’ve got no money, no equipment, no connections—let’s make a shitty horror movie!” pretty much sums up our game plan in its entirety. But one thing (very) eventually led to another, friends were looked up, favors were called in, and the audacity of conscience that is The Oatmeal Man has become something that can be bought on DVD. Now, I’m not the type to toot my own horn, but I will say this: if you watch just one indie film about a breakfast cereal killer this year, make it The Oatmeal Man.

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High-Fiber Cast

Production Crew

  • (In alphabetical order)
  • Richie Armstrong (Film Editor)
  • Abbey Cardenas (Assistant Director)
  • Diane Cardenas (Executive Producer)
  • Desiree Chandler (Hair / Makeup)
  • Carri Daigneault (Executive Producer)
  • Colten Daigneault (Director of Photography)
  • Tom Devlin 1313FX (Special Effects)
  • Elektron, Aftershock (Unit Photography)
  • Blake Funk (Sound Designer)
  • Demitri Van Gelder (Sound Mixer)
  • Jesse Gordon (Screenplay)
  • Sean Gordon (Producer / Director)
  • Orbit (Design Art)
  • Team Triton (Visual Effects)