SuperMegaNet, Vol. 3

SuperMegaNet, Vol. 3, by Jesse Gordon - Kindle E-book

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“Your friends are but a click away!” That’s the promise of SuperMegaNet, a new kind of chat program that turns ordinary computers and webcams into something extraordinary. When four unlikely friends install a beta version of the software as part of a class assignment, they discover that not only can they video chat in real-time, they can actually teleport to and from each other’s homes as easily as stepping from one room to the next. There’s a catch, though: the connection can’t be turned off. Once you add someone to your buddy list, they’re yours for life (and vice versa). Like it or not, Theo, Ernie, Eva, and Jan are about to learn the true meaning of “always on.”

This collection contains the complete blog entries from SuperMegaNet’s third year at (January – August 2010).

Warning: This book may contain strong language, highly suggestive situations, and traces of swordfish. Pregnant or nursing women should consult with their doctor before reading.

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