The Knack

The Knack, by Jesse Gordon - Kindle E-book (Kindle)

You ache. You hunger. The doctors tell you that you’re fine, but you know there’s something wrong. You can feel it in your blood.

Anaheim, California is comprised of two types of people: duds and the afflicted (also called “initiates”). The former are your everyday, average folk, but the latter possess what is informally referred to as “the knack.” An unusual sort of STD, the knack heightens a person’s metaphysical abilities. It allows a person to perform “mind-magic” in the form of subliminal persuasion, lucid dreams, shape-shifting, and, even, the swapping of minds between bodies. The downside is that, once infected, a person becomes dependent on the essence / life force of others, and must continuously replenish his or her energies.

For Bryson, growing up is an uneventful ritual. That is, until he meets Kyna, a voracious initiate for whom love has little meaning. At first convinced that his feelings for her are the result of mere infatuation, Bryson quickly find himself caught in a web of friendship and deceit as Kyna’s vampiric dependencies lead them both on a treacherous journey of self-discovery.