The Reformed Citizen

The Reformed Citizen, Jesse Gordon's dark fiction anthology - rare and unpublished stories, novelettes, and novellas - Kindle E-book

Publisher: Madman & Moniker
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While 2005’s The Midnight Recollections served as an introductory sampling of my short story work, this collection of mostly novellas and novelettes delves specifically into the dark, the introspective, and the surreal. Most of the material presented herein comes in the form of rare and unpublished gems sharing similar themes of societal idiosyncrasies. The Reformed Citizen could be classified as “social science fiction”—with a devious twist. As usual, the subject matter is potent and varied, unabashedly frank, and, hopefully, not easily forgotten.

Included in this volume: “Distributed Logic,” “Line 43” (aka: “Morning Commute”), “The Ninth Life of Vincent Nguyen” (aka: “Fear Stomping”), “A Whisper from the Mirror” (aka: “Losing Character”), “Fogy” (aka: “Babe”), “The Path Between” (aka: “Node”), and Arrival.