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Inspiron 7559 4K Display Lag

Any Dell Inspiron 7559 4k laptop users experiencing Windows 10 desktop animation / video playback lag should make some noise here:

I picked up one of these laptops a few weeks ago, and the Nvidia GTX 960M GPU performs like a champ when it comes to 1080p gaming and video editing. However, the Intel HD 530 side, which handles Windows 10’s desktop animations, chokes on very basic tasks like window animations and video playback (both standard and high-definition). There’s word on the Interwebs that this is either an issue with Intel’s HD 530 graphics driver optimizations, or else is related to the way Windows 10 handles graphics acceleration for legacy desktop apps vs. Modern / Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Or maybe none of the above.

The bottom line: if you’ve got a 7559 4k and are experiencing a similar issue, post at the aforementioned link. Hopefully with enough awareness raised, Dell and / or Intel will be able to get rid of the lag once and for all.

Update (4.30.2017): Reading over the Dell support thread mentioned above, it looks like Dell has released an updated video driver for the Intel HD 530 that somewhat mitigates the laggy desktop issue. There are also instructions on how to install video drivers direct from Intel, should you want to go that route.


I had an absolute blast talking to Kuma and Wyldkard (two really cool guys over at @GamerKulture) about Liquid Metal, indie gaming in general, and, perhaps most importantly, Bad Dudes. Live stream replay here:

Liquid Metal, for which I’m doing dialogue, also has a Kickstarter with some really nifty rewards for backers interested in helping to get the game funded. There’s also an actual, playable demo available this time around, so check it out, make a pledge if you can, or just tell everyone you know—or don’t know. Be sure to practice safe text.

Doing Vangelis Doing John Williams

The ET theme as done by Vangelis done by Muted Vocal

(Via Classic FM.)

I totally agree:

A YouTuber named Muted Vocal has decided that there’s no good reason why [ET’s “Flying Theme” and Vangelis’ “Chariots of Fire”] shouldn’t exist in perfect harmony, in the same piece. And who are we to argue?

And while Muted Vocal’s rendition is nothing to scoff at, as far as uber-talented Vangelis fanboys go, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the one and only mik300z.

Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid

(Via Turbo Kid.)

Turbo Kid is Mad Max, Power Rangers, eighties morning cartoons, and a little bit of The Last Starfighter thrown in for good measure—the product of which would be a standard fare post-apocalyptic exercise were it not for an amazingly retrotastic soundtrack and liberal use of oh-so-meaty practical effects. Munro Chambers is charming enough as The Kid, a lonely teenager scavenging the wasteland for bubble gum and comic books; Laurence Leboeuf is terrifyingly comical as Apple, a wandering stranger with major fangirl tendencies; Michael Ironside is his usual antagonistic self as Zeus, self-appointed overlord of the badlands of 1997. But it’s the meat and the music that give Turbo Kid its superpowers. Gallons of fake blood and latex makeup over ho-hum digital effects. Up-tempo retro beats over wannabe John Williams or the usual no-hope electronica fare. This is the beginning of the new oldschool. In the words of Michael Ironside, “Let the juicing begin.”

Slayer Za

Slayer Pizza

(Via Loudwire.)

Aka, Todd and the Pizza of Pure Evil, if you’re a metal-head, then John Hurkes’ Slayer pizza is totally the pizza for you. Really:

The flour was stone ground from 350 communion wafers and kneaded together on an altar of sacrifice.

(On the topic of pizza, if you can do without the communion wafers and ritual sacrifice, get thee to the Eclipse Pizza Co. in Reno. It’s hardly metal, but it is darned good.)