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E-books Outsell Your Mom

Word has it that e-books are now outselling p-books (er, paper books) over at Amazon.com: Amazon released its quarterly report for the end of last year and says that for every 100 books sold on its site, it sells 115 … Continue reading

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A Lot Fewer Dangling Wires

I’m still on the fence regarding the Amazon Kindle’s worthiness. The Onion has brought me one step closer to salivating over one with its tongue-in-cheek list of “features and improvements.” One feature that has received much attention as of late: … Continue reading

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More Kindling for the Fire

Those of you who own / are planning on owning an Amazon Kindle e-book reader may be interested to know that you can now download most of my books and novels to your Kindle: Amazon Kindle Editions: Heroes’ Day (377 … Continue reading

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Andorian Flu

My sinuses feel like the new Pepsi logo (interpretation) looks: a bulging sac of snot ready to explode all over some poor pedestrian’s face. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating; I don’t feel that bad. But I don’t exactly feel all that … Continue reading

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Amazon.com to POD Publishers: Bend Over

Last year, while considering my options for the publication / distribution of The Reformed Citizen, I stumbled across Amazon.com’s BookSurge POD (print-on-demand) service. It seemed a lucrative way to be included in Amazon.com’s conglomerate catalog. However, I decided against using … Continue reading

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