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The Old Man and the iPod

I’ve heard this story and its numerous variant forms over the years—and actually experienced it through a friend and his grandfather this morning.

It goes a little something like this:

Grandfather’s record player finally bites the dust. Grandson shows him his iPod, offers to buy Grandfather one of his own. After listening to Grandson’s iPod for a few minutes, Grandfather declines, saying that MP3s sound too “cold and mechanical.” Grandson ponders this for a while before re-syncing his playlist to include nothing but jazz and big band. On listening to the iPod a 2nd time, Grandfather is sold. Turns out Grandson’s original playlist had been nothing but electronica, dance, techno—Grandfather had assumed digital music players could only play music that sounded “digital.”

The lesson here: always keep a few “analog” tracks on your MP3 player. You never know when your grandparents’ vinyl might go bad. ;)