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Dead Sexy

FeatherQuest - Mortimer by Ghostely

This would make quite the tattoo…if my right buttock wasn’t already reserved for Bender B. Rodriguez’s swanky visage. And before you make fun of me for choosing a foul-mouthed, cigar-smoking robot over, say, a naked beach babe packing a machine gun in each hand, check out this list of 20 of the worst tattoos ever

—and keep in mind that it could be much, much worse:

Microsoft Tattoo - sounds like an ill-conceived, overpriced tattoo design program included as part of Microsoft Bob.

If my childhood plans panned out…

If my childhood plans panned out...

(Via Pleated Jeans.)

My childhood ambitions aren’t that far off:

Profession: Teenage mutant ninja turtle, all the way. (Donnie, to be exact—which makes the panel above so much more accurate.)

Wife: April O’Neil…or her skintight jumpsuit.

Car: A regular dinosaur would’ve been cool, but I always wanted to ride a Dinobot to school. Or Falcor. (Shut up; I was eight.)

Chunk rides Falcor

Home: I always wanted to live aboard the Enterprise-D, but Castle Grayskull would’ve been a very, very close second.

Best Friend: Hobbes the Tiger.

Backyard would have: …the most bad-ass R/C racing circuit you’ve ever seen.

All dinners would include: …a giant punchbowl filled with Combos snacks.

Kids would be named: Anthony and Johnny (read John Bellairs to get the reference).

If your childhood plans had panned out, what would they be?

Steampunk Pick-up Lines

Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders has a fabulous list of steampunk-powered pick-up lines:


My favorites:

“Is that a dirigible in your trousers or are you just happy to see me?”

“Do you swing towards Edison or Tesla cause either way you’re making me spark.”

And now for one of my very own:

“You know what they say about me? I’m made of wood.”

So…if you were partying like it was 1899, what would your steampunk pick-up line and / or lines be?

Make Your Own Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookie - A man with twenty fingers cannot necessarily type twice as fast.

Inspired by George Takei’s delightful fortune cookie photo, I immediately set out to create one of my own. That’s when I discovered Jim Blackler’s Fortune Cookie Image Generator:


The only thing that could make this even better is if it let you generate the cookies themselves. But it’s still pretty nifty as-is.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some fortunes to write, for as wise man say: ancient proverb of tomorrow is created…today. :p

(If you want the fortune above on a T-shirt, you’re in luck.)

Superhero Equations

Superhero Equations

(Via cr8dv8’s tumblr blog thing.)

Using the above as a loose example, here are a few superhero equations of my own:

Social klutz + eyeglasses = Biclops

Competitive waffle-eater + radioactive maple syrup bottle = The Waffler


Ex-The Waltons star + bowl of GMO oatmeal = Wilford Brimley

R&B singer + cocaine mustache = “Super Freak”

Rich mutant bitch + her father’s platinum card = The Wallflower (This exists: “…a pretty teen mutant that can manipulate the emotions of other people with her pheromones.”)

Wealthy business magnate + barber clippings = Donald Trump

Anyone else have any superhero equations?

Can you teach me how to use chopsticks…to kill a ninja?

Pigs in Maputo - Things people ask because you are Chinese

(Via Pigs in Maputo.)

I’m not Chinese, but I am Geek, and Geeks are just as over-romanticized. Some things people ask because you’re Geek:

  • Do those glasses hurt your nose?
  • You’re a writer—can you do my term paper for me?
  • Can you fix my computer?
  • Can you install Windows 7 on my uncle’s twelve-year-old Gateway?
  • I dropped my camera into a pot of boiling water while having makeup sex with my boyfriend—can you fix the zoom lens?
  • You look like you know the Pythagorean theorem. Can you fix my computer?
  • Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?
  • Do you prefer Lean Pockets or the regular kind?

(It should be noted that all of the tech-related questions are almost always preceded by, “I can’t pay you, but…” Or followed with, “…for free?”)

What are some things people ask YOU?