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The Almost-GPL Cereal

I've always wanted to try an open-source cereal

Grocery shopping is what I do when I want to pretend I’m too busy to work on my various novel / screenplay projects. Today was Fresh & Easy day. I don’t even like frosted flakes, but somehow a box of Mother’s Joy brand sugar-frosted flakes wound up in my shopping cart. While certainly not my first choice for breakfast, Mother’s Joy is actually slightly less offensive when compared to that other leading brand, and has BHT in the packaging only (if that sort of thing concerns you). Most important: Tux, the lovable Linux mascot, is on the box. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to eating an open-source breakfast cereal. Speaking of which, the source code can be found on the side of the box, listed under “ingredients.” L33t eating.

From the What the Fuck? department:

The lesson here: video games based on Olympic sports are just plain ludicrous. Odds are you’d stand a better chance at actually becoming a world-class athlete than you would at being able to play QWOP effectively (iPhone version coming soon!).

100 Games Cupcake Game

This is sweet—literally:

Pacman eat pellets? I eat Pacman!

Pacman eat pellets? I eat Pacman!

That’s 100 cupcakes for 100 classic games in celebration of 100 years. Hover over the question mark beside each cupcake for the answers. Deliciousness.

Also delicious: the annual Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll, over at the Critters.org site. I don’t have any eligible works this year because I’ve been doing screenplays about oatmeal. But there are a lot of people I know on the list, and they’re pretty darned good at spinning yarns. Show some love.

Back When Game Cartridges Were Cool as Mullets

I was clearing out an abscess in my closet and found my old Game Boy, as well as a dozen game packs:

Circa 1989 Game Boy hand-held with crusty game packs

You’ll notice how much the Super Mario Land cartridge resembles a piece of spoiled fruit. That’s because I played the shiat out of it when I was a kid. I also dropped it in the toilet once or twice (who hasn’t?). Which begs the question: Why, in the middle of a bowel movement, would I need to switch games on the fly? Ah, well. It was my first Game Boy game, my first game period after several months of gamelessness (due to my mom’s previously destroying my NES with a hammer—true story). It was my initiation into the exciting world of monochrome, calculator-LCD-like portable gaming, and I was smitten. As primitive as it was, Super Mario Land was probably my favorite Mario game for the Game Boy.

Quite possibly the best overall game for the Game Boy was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Most ports or series installments on the Game Boy had less maneuverability than their NES counterparts, and were oftentimes visually inferior. Not so with Zelda, which utilized the Game Boy’s limited specs quite well. I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon when I tried the cart out and discovered all my saved games were still there.

There are other carts that I’m still fond of, like Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge and Ninja Boy…and that’s about it. Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear was a mere shadow of Ironsword. Speedy Gonzales’ soundtrack made me want to go to the dentist. Someone lent me Operation: C, and I didn’t like the controls as well as I did in Contra / Super C. But it wasn’t all crap during that gilded 1989-1990 period. TaleSpin was still on the air; Wesley Crusher was still aboard the Enterprise; Robocop hadn’t yet rusted through; the Ninja Turtles were still teenage. It was a good time to be a geekling.

(Random routine reminder: I don’t send spam from my Jessture.com e-mail address, nor from any of my other addresses. So, if you’ve supposedly received a message from me touting instant weight loss or miracle erections, know that it’s not genuine.)

Mania Drive

I read this article on free Linux games earlier in the month, and decided to try Mania Drive…not the best choice considering the thickness of my glasses and the molasses-like state of my coordination.

Here we go, starting off relatively well:

Then comes the first turn:

And oh fuck:

And, well, it gets kind of fuzzy after that.

Basically, the game is RC Pro Am with a bright-red compact. It’s much more fun if you imagine groceries or an empty baby seat in the back—or if you picture one of your friends behind the wheel. But it works under Linux, so beggars can’t be choosers. I now have something to distract me from my writing. Wink


High noon in Los Angeles

High noon in Los Angeles

Does anyone remember the game Flashback? Slow, quiet, three-button gameplay—no wonder I was totally into this back when everyone else on the block was fighting for blood in Street Fighter. I’ve recently started playing again in an on again, off again manner. I’m aiming to complete the game sometime in Q3 2008. :p