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People who look like their…

People who look like their dinner:

People who look like their dinner

(Via Laughing Squid.)

People who look like their dogs:

People who look like their dogs

(Via TanMonkey.com.)

And, finally, people who look like their cars:

People who look like their cars

(Via Flickr.)

Bonus image, thanks to the never-ending tangent that is Google Image Search—people who live in their cars:

People who live in their cars

(Via YuRock.)

Me: I wish I lived in my car.

Mitch, the Painfully Literal Genie: Your wish is my command!


Me (peering around the inside of my Geo Metro): This isn’t what I meant…

Cloud Island

Cloud Island

Welcome to Cloud Island—aka, “that comb-over isn’t fooling anyone:”


Great photo by Spumador. Coincidentally, I suddenly have an intense blood-lust for riding cute, green dinosaurs and snatching gold coins out of the air.

Witty caption runners-up:

  • “Can you tell it’s a comb-over?”
  • “…and if you look to your right, you’ll see Litla Dimun, home of the world’s largest cotton candy factory.”
  • “This year’s Chain Smoker’s Convention is being held on Litla Dimun.”
  • “Cloud fucks small island—film at eleven.”
  • “Honey, I think I left the stove on.”

Think you can beat my effing awesome captions? Post yours below. ;)

Oatmeal Over the Weekend

Photos from yesterday’s The Oatmeal Man shoot (Day 12) in Colton, CA are up at my Facebook page:

The Oates

The Oates

And pics from Friday’s shoot in Garden Grove (Day 11) can be found here:

Sean and Sal in Oates' lair

Sean and Sal in Oates' lair

It was a productive weekend. Colton was freezing on Sunday night, and dusty during the day. I swear, I’ll never adjust to the whole desert climate thing. Nor the desert dust. On Friday, Carri’s house was ultra-allergenic, thanks to those pesky cats. My sinuses are trashed. But it was fun. Kaleo showed up halfway through Sunday’s shoot to hang with us—so Sean stuck him with a light and told him not to move. That’s how it goes.