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C Windows Fail

C Windows Fail

Upgraded to Windows 10 over the weekend, realized my laptop’s card reader wasn’t working. So, I threw a fit, yelled and broke things, and re-installed Windows 8.1—only to discover that the card reader has been broken all along. #FML

(The above command is available as a T-shirt.)

Make Your Own Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookie - A man with twenty fingers cannot necessarily type twice as fast.

Inspired by George Takei’s delightful fortune cookie photo, I immediately set out to create one of my own. That’s when I discovered Jim Blackler’s Fortune Cookie Image Generator:


The only thing that could make this even better is if it let you generate the cookies themselves. But it’s still pretty nifty as-is.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some fortunes to write, for as wise man say: ancient proverb of tomorrow is created…today. :p

(If you want the fortune above on a T-shirt, you’re in luck.)

I’m Not Unemployed. I’m NSFW.

I'm Not Unemployed. I'm NSFW.

One of the jokes I tell people after eight years working for myself as a webcartoonist is that I’m probably not able to work a normal job anymore. Eight hours a day with a break for lunch? The ability to blame other people for my mistakes? Does not compute! (and I do not commute)

That’s Richard Stevens on doing T-shirts to celebrate eight years of being self-employed. I’m getting one. Lord knows I need to maintain a sense of humor and pride about the whole self-publishing thing. It’s been the hardest, scariest thing I’ve ever done. And it’s also been the most rewarding, though that doesn’t always translate into dollars or sexy babes. Mostly it’s me meeting someone at a party and getting a weird look when I mention that I’m a writer. Or it’s me choosing “unemployed” whenever I fill out the occupation section of any given form. They all list every job in the world except for “writer.” Or flair bartender. Eff that. I’m not unemployed, I’m NSFW.

(FYI, if you want the T-shirt, you should know that Richard is doing this as a limited run that ends May 31, 2010.)