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I had an absolute blast talking to Kuma and Wyldkard (two really cool guys over at @GamerKulture) about Liquid Metal, indie gaming in general, and, perhaps most importantly, Bad Dudes. Live stream replay here:


Liquid Metal, for which I’m doing dialogue, also has a Kickstarter with some really nifty rewards for backers interested in helping to get the game funded. There’s also an actual, playable demo available this time around, so check it out, make a pledge if you can, or just tell everyone you know—or don’t know. Be sure to practice safe text.

Oates Kill Fan Video #2

Abbey sent me this fan video by Salvador Solis:

It really is a love-hate thing with oatmeal, isn’t it? It either gets your day off to a healthy start—or it stalks you in an abandoned warehouse at the edge of town. Maybe that’s what turns on Wilford Brimley so much when he does those Quaker Oats commercials: taking a breakfast food that has polarized our society and bringing it a warm, slightly creepy grandfatherly image.

Instant Oatmeal

Just so you know, we’re not the only ones wasting camera time on oatmeal:

The best thing about this video: the finger in the bowl, poised, patient, self-assured. It should have worked, but didn’t. Bachelorhood can be hell sometimes.

The Ultimate Crunch

I guess I did help make a Doritos commercial this year after all:

Two, if you want to count the screen test / audition reel:

I guess how it works is that contest entries will be posted at the crashthesuperbowl.com Web site until January, 2009 or so, at which point voting for the finalists will begin. So, if you’ve got a moment, stop by the Colossal Theatre page and donate your clicks, cuz we sure need ’em.

(It goes without saying that Sean is The Man. Period.)

Mania Drive

I read this article on free Linux games earlier in the month, and decided to try Mania Drive…not the best choice considering the thickness of my glasses and the molasses-like state of my coordination.

Here we go, starting off relatively well:

Then comes the first turn:

And oh fuck:

And, well, it gets kind of fuzzy after that.

Basically, the game is RC Pro Am with a bright-red compact. It’s much more fun if you imagine groceries or an empty baby seat in the back—or if you picture one of your friends behind the wheel. But it works under Linux, so beggars can’t be choosers. I now have something to distract me from my writing. Wink


High noon in Los Angeles

High noon in Los Angeles

Does anyone remember the game Flashback? Slow, quiet, three-button gameplay—no wonder I was totally into this back when everyone else on the block was fighting for blood in Street Fighter. I’ve recently started playing again in an on again, off again manner. I’m aiming to complete the game sometime in Q3 2008. :p